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How it Works

The problem with Directories

Most people are dissatisfied with existing business directories and advertising solutions.

Growing businesses want measurable, affordable advertising which generates real leads and improves sales.

Prospective clients want a simple-to-use website, accessible on any device, where they can quickly search for the businesses they need.

Where we come in

IndustryCrossroad.com is designed to solve these problems.

For businesses seeking to grow, we provide:

  • Affordable advertising solutions

    • Lower cost of being published and maintaining a web presence

  • Higher value advertisements

    • High-quality images, rich descriptions, contact information, and direct inquiry capability

  • Simplified fee structure

    • Simple standardized pricing that’s easy to understand

  • Digital listing/service/product management

    • Uploading/managing/modifying the posts

  • Clear calls-to-action

    • Obvious way to contact and/or inquire about goods and services

  • Custom advertising solutions (Contact Us)

For prospective clients seeking businesses, we provide:

  • Simple search functionality

    • Search by name of company, a business description, a product/service, a location, and other practical criteria

  • User-friendly website

    • Elegant design

    • Easy-to-read pages, business listings, and product/services posts

    • Desktop-, tablet-, and mobile-friendly

  • Free access to listings

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